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My name is Bethany Wolters and I am a Soil Science PhD student at Virginia Tech.  I split my time at Virginia Tech between the main campus in Blacksburg where I teach as a Graduate Teaching Scholar and the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where I do research on diverse cover crop mixtures.  My advisor is Dr. Mark Reiter at the Virginia Tech Agricultural Research and Extension Center, in Painter, VA.

In college I learned how the nutrients found (or not found) in the soil determine how well fruits and vegetables grow and it fascinated me. My research is in soil fertility and soil health because I want to to make future food production sustainable.  My current research is about using cover crop mixtures containing three to nine species in conventional corn, soybean and wheat rotations in eastern Virginia, to protect the soil, reduce fertilizer needs and improve soil health.

You can learn more about my research, teaching and experiences on my blog.