Research that survives past publication

I came across an interesting article this week called The Antropocene Biosphere: Supporting 'Open Interdisciplinarity' through Blogging. Honestly, I have no idea how I found this because I was looking for articles on organic no-till cover crops in agricultural journals, not something that usually takes me to journals like Trends in Ecology and Evolution. But… Continue reading Research that survives past publication


Getting high tech about dirt

I wanted to share some of the technologies I use in my teaching and classes. I personally do not like using social media, so it doesn't seem genuine or useful for me to integrate into my classes. But I have been using animated videos and online games to help my students learn science concepts in… Continue reading Getting high tech about dirt

Soil is found everywhere, the research should be too

I scanned the list of open-access agricultural journals and was not able to find any titles that I recognized. But after clicking through the pages, I was soon able to group them into three main categories: Open access journals located outside of the US Journals that were already aware of positive impact of freely-available, open-source… Continue reading Soil is found everywhere, the research should be too