Student Anxiety: “How can I help?”

If you haven't read the story from the Chronicle of Higher Education, "I don't know how to ask for help" about the anxiety and stress that students face in college, you should. The article gives a short summary of the issue of student anxiety and the study that was done by Active Minds, but the… Continue reading Student Anxiety: “How can I help?”


Everything or just a few things

I compared the mission statements of two of the schools I attended during my undergraduate degree: University of Tennessee at Martin (UT Martin) and Olds College, in Alberta, Canada. These two schools are similar in many ways but are also different. And they are connected through a reciprocal tuition agreement, so that students from these… Continue reading Everything or just a few things

Corn teaches us about diversity (or the consequences of the lack of diversity)

After being introduced to diversity statements in class two weeks ago I have been on the look form them.  A few days in an email advertising an Assistant Professor of Soil Microbiology position at University of California Riverside another mention of diversity statements.  Until this semester I had never heard any of my professors, friends… Continue reading Corn teaches us about diversity (or the consequences of the lack of diversity)

12 Years Without any Grades…Kind of

Alfie Kohn's article, “The Case Against Grades”, discusses some really interesting ideas about how to eliminate grading and encourage learning.  I can image for many of you these ideas may seem crazy and totally not doable, but I'm here to say it is not and share my experiences. I was home schooled for all of… Continue reading 12 Years Without any Grades…Kind of