Volume One

Volume One–Junior Year of College

Volume One of the Scholarly Journals of Bethany Wolters documents my junior year at University of Tennessee at Martin.  It was an exciting year, full of travel, meeting new friends and lots of plants.

Author Bio–Learn about who I was when I wrote this volume of the journal.

International Study Abroad

I went to on two international study abroad trips this year, to Mexico for the summer and a semester in Alberta, Canada.

Issue 1–Mexican Summer

Posts submitted during and after my summer travel study trip to Guanajuato Mexico to study Spanish.

Issue 2–Canadian Fall

Posts about my study abroad semester at Olds College in Olds, Alberta.  This section is related to the Horticulture section but relates to things other than my greenhouse plants such as new friends, unusual experiences and the cold weather.

Issue 3–Horticulture

Daily blog posts about my Greenhouse management class at Olds College during fall 2010 semester.  One of my assignments for this class was to maintain a blog during the semester Learn more about growing plants, hear about my hilarious fumbles and watch the progress of my class assigned crops.



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