Back at work in the greenhouse

I have just finished the third week of classes and am about to start the forth week here at UT Martin.  Last week was the first time I had time to go to work in the greenhouse.  Between my other job as a Supplimental Instructor for PLSC 110-Introduction to Plant And Soil Science and having… Continue reading Back at work in the greenhouse


All the work happens before

Today is the second plant sale that I have helped out with in the greenhouse.  There have been weekly sales every week but now we have enough plants and produce to have large plant sales.  It is much more exciting.  Today I want to tell you about what really happens to make a plant sale… Continue reading All the work happens before

A Study of Structures

Anyone in a college atmosphere can relate to the stressfulness of the end of a semester.  As we try to fit in rescheduled field trips, finish lecture materials and take tests the schedule's get jumbled.  We had a test today in Greenhouse about greenhouse structures.  If anyone thought building a greenhouse was simple and you… Continue reading A Study of Structures

A blog post NOT about sticky cards

Today’s blog will be about something other than sticky cards.  It will…but what happens on Monday?  We had a whole hour in the greenhouse today to get work done, which was nice.  I’m always in hurry on Mondays’ because I have a lab at 3. I am happy to report that all 66 gloxyinas that… Continue reading A blog post NOT about sticky cards