Good-bye Martin, Hello Canada

Two years ago today I was trying to find my freshman English class in the Humanities.  I hated that class, it was one of the worst classes I have ever taken, thankfully I will never have to go back.   Here I am today about to start my junior year of college.   Today is… Continue reading Good-bye Martin, Hello Canada


I am not lost

In case anyone was concerned--yes I did get home.  It has been pointed out to me several times that I have neglected to post anything recently.  While I was in Mexico I was I spent my last week finishing up classes and taking exams, doing last minutes shopping and spending time with my Mexican family… Continue reading I am not lost

A Typical School Day in Guanajuato

My Daily Schedule: 7:30 am Wake up and get ready for school. Downstairs I can hear Martha, our house mother cooking breakfast. 8:00 am Martha serves us a hot breakfast everyday.  It varies, but there is always fresh fruit, cheese or yogurt, eggs of some kind, and bread or tortillas. It is delicious! 8:45 am After… Continue reading A Typical School Day in Guanajuato