Being Mindful on McAfee Knob

I hiked  McAfee's Knob for the first time this weekend.  I had lots of time to think and reflect while climbing up and walking down the mountain and one of the things I thought about was what being mindful looked like.  Earlier in the week I read the article titled Mindful Learning by Ellen Langer. … Continue reading Being Mindful on McAfee Knob


I can’t play because I might lose

There is one problem with making learning into a game--you might lose.  As you were thinking about the stories and examples given in the readings for this week about getting people engaged in learning using 21st century tools or creative games, did you notice all of the failures and near-failures? Douglas Thomas, who created a… Continue reading I can’t play because I might lose

Blogging helped me learn by accident

I was required to write blog posts for a class I took my junior year of college.  In fact, I revived my old blog from that assignment in my junior year of college, for this semester’s blog posts (take a look at the posts I wrote for my Greenhouse Management class).  But after reading Gardener… Continue reading Blogging helped me learn by accident

Back at work in the greenhouse

I have just finished the third week of classes and am about to start the forth week here at UT Martin.  Last week was the first time I had time to go to work in the greenhouse.  Between my other job as a Supplimental Instructor for PLSC 110-Introduction to Plant And Soil Science and having… Continue reading Back at work in the greenhouse

The Long, Very Crazy, Eventual Trip Home Epilogue

Epilogue At my gate I boarded on-time and only had a thirty minute delay for deicing.  The plane is very small and my backpack would not fit in the overhead compartment so I had everything underneath my seat. Our pilot was really funny.  He got on the intercom with an announcement, “Welcome onboard flight 1226,… Continue reading The Long, Very Crazy, Eventual Trip Home Epilogue