Back at work in the greenhouse

I have just finished the third week of classes and am about to start the forth week here at UT Martin.  Last week was the first time I had time to go to work in the greenhouse.  Between my other job as a Supplimental Instructor for PLSC 110-Introduction to Plant And Soil Science and having… Continue reading Back at work in the greenhouse


A Study of Structures

Anyone in a college atmosphere can relate to the stressfulness of the end of a semester.  As we try to fit in rescheduled field trips, finish lecture materials and take tests the schedule's get jumbled.  We had a test today in Greenhouse about greenhouse structures.  If anyone thought building a greenhouse was simple and you… Continue reading A Study of Structures

Poinsettias and water hoses

The purpose of these horticulture blog posts are the document the growth of my greenhouse crops as well as new knowledge or skills I am learning in my Greenhouse Management class.  Because of my limited horticulture and greenhouse experience I don’t think I will ever be at a loss as to what to document or… Continue reading Poinsettias and water hoses