A blog post NOT about sticky cards

Today’s blog will be about something other than sticky cards.  It will…but what happens on Monday?  We had a whole hour in the greenhouse today to get work done, which was nice.  I’m always in hurry on Mondays’ because I have a lab at 3. I am happy to report that all 66 gloxyinas that… Continue reading A blog post NOT about sticky cards



Looking back on my notes of class I marvel that we manage to finish lectures in class because we always get diverted on interesting tangents.  Today it was about organic farming and how organic produce or products are graded or certified.  Unfortunately we had to finish our assigned class lecture and couldn't finish our discussion.… Continue reading Watering

My plant children

Today  I was given sole responsibility for my crops in the greenhouse.  Peter, our teacher, said we should treat them like our children.  I have three crops so far: "Freedom Fireworks" Poinsettias "Yellow Remix" Chrysanthemums "Dark Cherie" Chrysanthemums I found and labeled all of my plants.  To monitor for insects I put  sticky yellow card… Continue reading My plant children

Poinsettias and water hoses

The purpose of these horticulture blog posts are the document the growth of my greenhouse crops as well as new knowledge or skills I am learning in my Greenhouse Management class.  Because of my limited horticulture and greenhouse experience I don’t think I will ever be at a loss as to what to document or… Continue reading Poinsettias and water hoses